Our Studio

Why We are Here

Still Waters Pottery is a small studio which creates and sells hand-crafted  functional and fine art pottery.  Production expenses are kept at a minimum and we take full advantage of donated time and resources.  All profits are donated to humanitarian charities with proven records of gracious care of their clients and careful stewardship of their assets.  Profits are divided equally and donations are made by the end of the calendar month of our latest sale.

When you purchase from Still Waters Pottery you get extra value for your money.  Not only is your pottery well-crafted and one-of-a-kind, but your dollars have a philanthropic impact on our community and beyond.

You can read about our charities on our "Who We Support" page.  


About the Artist

Martie L Moore has been an artist as long as she can remember. Her first clay piece was a yellow-glazed coffee cup made for her mom when she was 6 years old. When her mother unwrapped it, she immediately poured two tablespoons of coffee into it, as that was all it would hold! When she finished drinking she cleaned it up and put it in her china cabinet, where it resided all of her life, coming out only on special occasions.

In 2020, when Martie realized her dream and opened her own pottery studio, her mom commemorated the special occasion by taking the cup out of her china cabinet, wrapping it up, and returning it to Martie. Now, it rests in her own china cabinet, and comes out on the most special of occasions!

Still Waters Pottery is a place where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces to use daily or enjoy as room decor. When deciding on a piece of functional pottery, we encourage you to pick up a piece, let it rest in your hands, and try out the handle (if it has one).  Look at it from all sides… for this is the only way you’ll discover if it was made for you.

You can follow Martie's art on Instagram at @martielmoore.

Resumé Essentials

Still Waters Pottery Studio, artist, owner & operator.  Retired Art Teacher, Marietta City Schools, Marietta, GA.  Free-lance Floor Covering Designer, national and international clients.

Ed.S, Curriculum & Instruction, Lincoln Memorial University.  M.Ed, Art Education, University of West Georgia.  BS, Art Education, Shorter College.  BA, Art, Agnes Scott College.  

2023: Fahrenheit 2200-- Mable House Arts Center, Mableton, GA

2022: Metro Montage-- Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA

Member: Georgia Clay Council.  gaclaycouncil.com/martie-moore


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

"I’d like to thank the artists who poured into my life and fostered my love of clay: Edna Bacon, Cameron Covert, George Hayes, Dianne Quammen, Stuart McDonough, and Bob Westervelt.  I also want to acknowledge gracious and encouraging conversations with Kent Leslie, Martha Jane Petersen, Rebecca Strickland, and Sid Luck.  And my kids."


Contact Us

Our studio is located at 279 Keeler Woods Dr. NW, Marietta, GA, 30064-2016.

Our email address is info@stillwaterspottery.com

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A more complete view of our portfolio is on Instagram@martielmoore.  You may message us through Instagram.