Frequently Asked Questions about Pottery

Is my pottery food safe?  All stoneware and porcelain pieces, which have interior glaze, are food safe.  

Can I care for my pottery like conventional dish ware?  Pottery has been fired above 2000*F, so it is safe to go into the oven.  Feel free to bake food or place it under the broiler.  However, it is not like Pyrex, so it is not advised to put it in the microwave.  Also, do not put it into a hot oven straight from the fridge.  If you have food that has been boiling, lessen the shock to the piece by warming it with hot water or in the oven.  Hand washing is recommended.

I bought a piece to use as a vase.  Will it hold water?  Your vase or container is water-tight if it is glazed on the inside.  All pieces sold as "vases" from Still Waters Pottery are glazed on the inside.  If you are concerned about a piece you have, put a trivet under your piece to ensure protecting the furniture it's sitting on.  (The trivet will also protect your furniture from scratches.)