Poppet-- the practically perfect pandemic pottery pup

I have a studio dog.  Her name is Poppet.  She came to me  during the summer of 2020.  I call her my Quality Control Expert because, even though she spends her studio time either asleep in her bed under the display shelves or guarding the outside door from the occasional lizard or squirrel, the quality of my time is better because she is with me.

As a member of my community, I was invited (as we all were) to contribute to a story project that was themed "Two Years Later," referencing this time after the beginning of the Covid pandemic.  I phoned in the following story, and was chosen for an interview and photo session, which took place in my studio!  The link to a photo and my interview is included below!

"My name is Martie Moore and I’m one of the thousands who adopted a dog during the pandemic. I had my well-thought-out requirements: I was looking for a puppy, a girl, and one who would top out at about 30 pounds when full grown. 

"Poppet was born the first week of March in 2020.  That summer, when I saw her photos online, I fell in love.  However, when I met her, I’d learned that her posted photo was taken when she weighed 30 pounds, and now, at almost 4 months old,  she already weighed 40!  

"After considering her for a few days, I met with her again and decided that this adoption would be a heart thing, not a head thing. Today, she weighs over 70 pounds and barely fits in my 2-seater car.  She’s a big girl!  But she perfectly fits in my life, and I have to say that, two years later, my rescued puppy probably rescued me!"

For the full story, see www.cobbstories.com/stories